About Easy Charge

Easy Charge shared wireless power bank rental service has been launched for users in Hong Kong and Macau. This service boasts extensive rental stations that cover various establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and retail stores. With leading wireless charging technologies, users can effectively charge their phones. To access this service, simply download the "Easy Charge App", Alipay or Wechat mini program and start searching for the nearest station. This convenient and stylish solution ensures that your phone remains charged at all times.


Portable Power Bank

Light and convenient for better charging Service

Safe & Convenient

High quality control & easy to rent

Low Rental Fee

Affordable price for everyone

Easy To Search

Just search the nearest rental location on App

First in HK Wireless Charging

Portable wireless and 3 connectors

Multiple Payment System

Support credit cards, UnionPay, Quick Pass, WeChat Pay & Alipay etc.